As quickly as it started, kidding season is in the books, and the Took a Leap Farm Class of 2015 is complete! The kids all look phenomenal, and the dams continue to impress us with their lovely udders and outstanding productivity. Our herd genetics are top-notch, with bucks and does representing some of the most productive milking animals around -- Fairlea Farm, Sugar Moon, Old Mountain Farm, NCPromisedLand, Rosasharn, and more. If you're looking to build the dairy character of your herd, we can help!

Whenever possible, our kids are dam-raised -- the herd regularly tests negative for CAE (most recent testing, May 2015), and we find that babies that stay with "mom" until weaning grow bigger and stronger. (It also means that they really don't pose very well for photos, which is frustrating -- the pictures don't do the quality of our animals justice!) We spend lots of time with the kids, though, so they're super-friendly...maybe even a little spoiled! We wean by weight, but no earlier than eight weeks.

Dairy-quality doelings start at $350 with exceptions noted in the chart below. To ensure the highest quality genetics, both in our own herd and for our buyers, we are extremely selective about which male animals we leave intact as herd sires; available bucklings will be noted after careful evaluation.

Wethers (castrated males) will be available in the spring for $100 each or $150 for a pair. Since goats are instinctively herd animals, we will not sell one goat by itself unless the buyer already has goats or appropriate herdmates in reisdence; discounts are provided on wethers sold with another goat.

Took a Leap Farm will accept reservations via our contact form on a first-come, first-served basis, although we reserve the right to retain any kids at our discretion. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve an animal.

Dam Sire Bred Date Due Date Notes
Second Wind Moon Stone Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/6/14 Late February Kidded 2/28; 1 doeling (Peridot, retained); 1 wether (Onyx, available)
NC PromisedLand BW Echo2 Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 10/14/14 Early March Kidded 3/12; 2 doelings (Kajagoogoo and Oingo Boingo, both retained...for now); 1 wether (Bunnyman, sold)
Went with the 80's theme for Echo's babies -- delighted to have two doelings again this year!
Took a Leap Merry Go Round Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/14/14 Early March Kidded 3/6; 2 doelings (Acadia, available, and Benedicta, sold)
Took a Leap Buttermilk Sky Took a Leap Rerun 10/14/14 Early March Kidded 3/10; 3 doelings (Buttermilk Biscuit (sold), Buttermilk Pancake, sold -- thanks, Roni!, and Buttermilk Waffles, available)
Buttermilk is a terrific, if vocal, mama -- Pancake and Waffles are growing big and strong with her in the barn, while Biscuit (who was just 1.7 pounds at birth!) is thriving as a bottle baby.
Sugar Moon Hillary Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 10/14/14 Early March Kidded 3/8; 2 doelings (Perla, retained, and Miraflores, sold-- thanks, Cheryl!)
These girls are stunning!
Sugar Moon Rita Repeata Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/15/14 Early March Kidded 3/12; 2 bucklings (Oscar, sold, and U-Turn, sold -- thanks, Eric!)
We've retained two of Rita's bucks in previous years, and these two boys look should make nice herdsires for farms looking for great conformation and super dairy genetics.
Sugar Moon Trixie Belden Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/16/14 Early March Kidded 3/11; 1 doeling (Violet Strange, retained), 1 wether (Ebenezer Bryce, sold)
Finally, a doeling from Trixie after three years of boys, boys, boys!
Took a Leap Buddy Girl Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 10/19/14 Mid-March Kidded 3/13; 1 wether (Junior Wells, sold)
Due to the cold weather, we ended up pulling Junior and raising him on a bottle -- we're milking Buddy twice a day, and she's producing beautifully as a first freshener...very happy with this girl!
Took a Leap Terry Gross Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/24/14 Mid-March Kidded 3/20; 1 doeling (Piya Chattopadhyay, available) and 1 wether (Wab Kinew, sold)
East Rivendell HRSD BGR8 Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/1/14 Late March Miscarried 2/20
Took a Leap Sanchica Took a Leap Rerun 11/2/14 Late March Kidded 3/28; 2 doelings -- 1 retained (Reinah) and 1 sold (Chiquita).
Sugar Moon Dulcinea Sugar Moon Uwanami 11/2/14 Late March Kidded 3/27; 1 doeling (Zoraida, retained); 1 wether (Sancho Panza, sold)
Took a Leap Mille-Feuille Sugar Moon Uwanami 11/2/14 Late March Kidded 3/25; 3 doelings (Poutine, sold -- thanks, Roni!; Macaron, available; and Croissant, sold)
Sugar Moon Eclaire Sugar Moon Uwanami 11/3/14 Late March Kidded 3/29; 2 wethers (Siskel and Ebert -- both sold)
Fairlea Mable Took a Leap Rerun 11/16/14 Early April Kidded 4/9; 3 wethers (Fozzie, Gonzo, and Kermit -- sales pending)
Sugar Moon Koko Taylor Sugar Moon Uwanami 11/23/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/18; 2 wethers (Muddy Waters, available, and BB King, sold)
Sugar Moon Fiala Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/24/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/21; 1 doeling (Luby, retained)
Sugar Moon Tasha Tudor Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/24/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/19; 3 bucklings (Lemony Snicket and Mercer Mayer, both available @ $450; Ludwig Bemelmans, retained). These boys are out of our 90 VEEE doe and Took a Leap Right Back Atcha, a buck with some awesome milk production in his pedigree. We didn't really need another buck, but with boys that look this good, we couldn't resist. Lemony and Mercer will make amazing herdersires for other farms...
Fairlea Paris Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/25/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/20; 2 doelings (Chamonix, retained, and Avignon, available - $400)
Second Wind Kona Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/25/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/18; 1 doeling (Gesha, sold) and 3 wethers, all sold)
Took a Leap Annabelle Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 11/25/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/19; 1 doeling (Alice in Wonderland, available) and 2 wethers (Anansi,sold, and Anatole, deceased)
Sugar Moon Penuchi Sugar Moon Uwanami 11/25/14 Mid-April Kidded 4/18; 2 bucklings (Werther's Original and Atomic Fireball, both available, $450)
This is a breeding of Uwa, our 88 VVE- buck, with Sugar Moon Penuchi (87 VEEV at 5 years, three months) -- nice potential in these boys!
Took a Leap Baby Ruth Sugar Moon Uwanami 12/14/14 Early May Kidded 5/10; 1 wether (Rolle, sold)
Took a Leap Marseilles Sugar Moon Uwanami 12/14/14 Early May Kidded 5/9; 1 wether (Gascon, available)
Second Wind Morning Glory Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 12/17/14 Early May Kidded 5/8; 2 wethers (Bachelor Button and Sweet William, both sold)
Sugar Moon Win Doe Dressing Sugar Moon Uwanami 12/24/14 Mid-May Kidded 5/18; 2 doelings (Macy, retained, and Bloomie, available - $450)
Winnie's LA score at 4-03 was 89 VEEV; combined with Uwa's genetics, we're excited about these doelings!
NC PromisedLand Scandal Sugar Moon Uwanami 12/28/14 Late May Kidded 5/22; 1 doeling (Rumor Has It, retained) and 2 bucklings (Daredevil available, $450; Murdock, sold)
Scandal's LA at 6-05 was 88 +EEE; again, bred to Uwa, these boys have great potential!

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