All of our goats are personable. All of our goats are adorable.

But nevertheless, one stands out: Buttermilk Sky. And if you watch the video below, you’ll understand why.

Buttermilk rose to Internet fame and glory in the late summer of 2012, thanks to her YouTube video. We posted the video to show our friends some of what goes on around the farm — it went up late on Friday afternoon, with a promise to donate $25 to an animal rescue organization called Farm Sanctuary if the video got 1,000 views. By the following Tuesday morning, the video was featured on NBC’s Today Show…and Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Savannah Guthrie were cracking up about our goat!

From there, things really took off, as Buttermilk went completely viral and infected the world — or at least 10.5 million of its residents so far — with the giggles. Buttermilk has apparently tapped into something — a desire to laugh a little more, to feel a little more joy at the simple things in life, and, for some, to connect a little bit to long-held dreams of a country life. So many comments on her Facebook page reflect the happiness that her video and her baby goat’s view of the world bring to people. Everyone — men, women, and children — brightens up when they see Buttermilk on video or in person.


Buttermilk’s jumpkicking exploits have also been immortalized in a nifty little game, developed by Doug Davies of Funky Visions. Take control of Buttermilk as she bounces along, hurdling other goats and eating oat cereal — play for a record score or add to the fun by purchasing accessories (think hats, bananas, and tin cans). Buttermilk’s game is available for download on both Android and Apple mobile devices,

Part of the Buttermilk phenomenon that both excites and humbles us is her ability to bring awareness to a number of causes near and dear to our hearts. Since her video went viral, “Team Buttermilk” has raised nearly $7500 for animal welfare organizations, including Ark Animal Sanctuary, Halfway Home Pet Rescue, and Houlton Humane Society; Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary; and Farm Sanctuary. She also enjoys sharing inspiring stories, local events, and goat information with her friends online.

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