Our Goats


Goats available for sale are noted on the buck, doe, and kidding schedule pages.


From the start, Took a Leap Farm has been focused on selecting and breeding for outstanding dairy characteristics and productivity, general conformation, and good health. Our initial investments in our herd included goats from some of the most respected Nigerian dwarf breeders in New England and beyond – Old Mountain, Willow Moon, Fairlea, and PromisedLand Farms. We’re building upon this foundation, making careful breeding and management decisions to improve our herd.

We are committed to providing responsible stewardship of the animals that live with us. Each year, we test our herd for CAE, CL, Johnnes, Brucellosis, and tuberculosis; we’re pleased to announce that our last tests, in January 2013, were all negative.

Our herd currently numbers about thirty adult goats, of which eighteen are in milk for the 2013 season. In the spring, we offer a number of our kids for sale, both as dairy stock and pets; we occasionally have adult goats for sale, as well. Please feel free to get to know our herd a little better via the links above; goats available for purchase are so noted, but we’re always happy for inquiries if you see a goat that tickles your fancy.


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