Welcome to Took a Leap Farm…or at least its online presence!

We’re the owners – goatherds, cheesemakers, and critter-wranglers – of this small dairy and farmstead creamery, which was founded in 2011. We’re proud to bring quality artisan cheeses to Aroostook County, Maine…our variety of flavorful soft cheeses highlight the rich, creamy character of our goats’ milk.

Not only does our herd of small-but-mighty Nigerian dwarf goats provide awesome-tasting milk for our awesome-tasting cheese, but they add quite a bit of amusement to our lives. Our goats are friendly, happy creatures that enjoy our company and crack us up on a regular basis. And if you’ve never seen a baby Nigerian dwarf goat kid, you don’t know what you’re missing. Cute doesn’t even begin to describe it!

We invite you to explore our Web site more fully to get a sense of the work that we do, the awesome animals with which we share our lives, and the passion we feel for rural living and learning. And if you’re in northern Maine, we welcome you to our farm…just give us a shout to arrange a visit!