Kidding Schedule 2017

Babies are on the way....and the excitement is building here at Took a Leap Farm! Like many other farms found this fall, it took the girls awhile to get in the mood for we'll be having babies throughout the spring.

Our herd genetics are top-notch, with bucks and does representing some of the most productive milking animals around -- Fairlea Farm, Sugar Moon, Old Mountain Farm, NC PromisedLand, Rosasharn, and more. If you're looking to build the dairy character of your herd, we can help!

Whenever possible, our kids are dam-raised -- the herd regularly tests negative for CAE and CL (most recent testing, May 2015 -- we maintain a closed herd), and we find that babies that stay with "mom" until weaning grow bigger and stronger. (It also means that they really don't pose very well for photos, which is frustrating -- the pictures don't do the quality of our animals justice!) We spend lots of time with the kids, though, so they're super-friendly...maybe even a little spoiled! We wean by weight, but no earlier than eight weeks.

Dairy-quality doelings start at $300 with exceptions noted in the chart below. To ensure the highest quality genetics, both in our own herd and for our buyers, we are extremely selective about which male animals we leave intact as herd sires; available bucklings will be noted after careful evaluation.

Wethers (castrated males) will be available in the spring for $100 each or $150 for a pair. Since goats are instinctively herd animals, we will not sell one goat by itself unless the buyer already has goats or appropriate herdmates in reisdence; discounts are provided on wethers sold with another goat.

All kids will be ADGA registered, disbudded, and up-to-date on shots on delivery.

Took a Leap Farm will accept reservations via our contact form on a first-come, first-served basis, although we reserve the right to retain any kids at our discretion. A $100 non-refundable deposit and a signed sales contract are required to reserve an animal.

Dam Sire Bred Date Due Date Notes Kidding Notes
Took a Leap Kajagoogoo Sugar Moon V Waldo Pepper 10/14/16 3/9/17 Doelings: $400; no bucklings.
Googoo and her sister, Oingo Boingo, are the last of NC PromisedLand BW Echo's daughters, and we're excited to see how these gorgeous girls do on the milk stand.

This breeding pairs Googoo with Waldo Pepper -- we love the heavy line breeding on Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip in his pedigree, and the dams back there are pretty awesome in their own rights!

Kidded 3/5 with one doeling (Siouxsie Sioux), reserved for Kim
Siouxsie Sioux
Took a Leap Memphis Minnie Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/18/16 3/12/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.
We missed Minnie in our 2016 breeding this year will be her second freshening. Minnie will be for sale for $300 after kidding -- she'll make a great family milker!
Kidded 3/16 with one buckling; reserved as wether for Jessica


Took a Leap Encore Sugar Moon V Waldo Pepper 10/18/16 3/12/17 Doelings: $400; no bucklings.

As Encore has matured, we've gotten more and more excited about her potential -- she's a granddaughter of NC PromisedLand BW Echo and the daughter of our VEE- 88 buck, Uwanami. Her first freshening in 2016 really impressed us -- she has a socked-on udder and great production.

Kidded 3/13 with three bucklings; all reserved as wethers for Angela
Took a Leap Oingo Boingo Sugar Moon Uwanami 10/19/16 3/13/17 Doelings: $400; no bucklings.
Another NC PromisedLand BW Echo daughter, Oingo should bring many of her dam's outstanding qualities to the milk stand on her first freshening. This pairing with Uwa should produce some gorgeous kids!
Kidded 3/18 with one doeling, DOA
Charlotte (unregistered doe) Took a Leap Right Back Atcha 10/21/16 3/16/17 Doelings (unregistered): $200; no bucklings. Kidded 3/16 with two doelings (Cream Puff and Profiterole); reserved for Amber
Took a Leap Reinah Dawnland Curry's Spicy Hot 10/27/16 3/25/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.
First freshener.
Kidded 3/25 with one buckling (Rex); reserved as wether for Debby
Sugar Moon Penuchi Ludwig Bemelmans 11/9/16 4/3/17 Doelings $400; no bucklings. Penuchi (LA 2015 V87) has produced a number of gorgeous doelings for us. This breeding pairs her with Ludwig, a buck out of our best doe, Tasha, who produced lovely kids last year.
Sugar Moon Win Doe Dressing Fairlea Marlowe 11/14/16 4/8/17 Doelings: $450 (breeder to retain one); no bucklings.
This is repeat of the 2016 breeding, which sadly ended in a miscarriage. We're holding our breath that Marlowe is still firing on all cylinders -- and that Winnie (LA 2015 VG89) will produce kids as nice as Gild the Lily (2014) and her twin daughters in 2015.
Took a Leap Gild the Lily Took a Leap Fionbharr 11/14/16 4/8/17 Doelings: $450 (breeder to retain one); no bucklings.
Lily was one of our biggest surprises in 2016 -- an outstanding udder with crazy production. This breeding with our 2016 buckling out of Fiala, Fionbharr, brings even more dairy potential.
Took a Leap Skittles Fairlea Marlowe 11/28/16 4/22/17 Doelings: $350; no bucklings.
Skittles looks a lot like her full sister from 2014, Baby Ruth -- hoping she performs the same way as a first freshener.
Took a Leap Peridot Dawnland Curry's Spicy Hot 11/28/16 4/22/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.
Took a Leap Avignon Took a Leap Radar 11/28/16 4/22/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.
We like the looks of this girl, a first freshener...her conformation is gorgeous, and her dam and sisters have done really well in the milkpail. We've paired her up with Radar, a 2016 buckling out of NC PromisedLand BW Echo and Sugar Moon Uwanami.
Sugar Moon Rita Repeata Sugar Moon V Waldo Pepper 12/1/16 4/25/17 Doelings: $500 (breeder to retain one); bucklings: $400.
Rita is a phenomenal doe -- she produces lovely kids and places second (just behind Tasha) in terms of milk production.
Took a Leap Ljubicasta Took a Leap Radar 12/1/16 4/25/17 Doelings: $400 (breeder to retain one); no bucklings.
From the moment she was born, we've been excited by Luby...she's the first daughter we've had out of Fiala, who has been an outstanding producer for us. This breeding with Radar should result in kids with great dairy potential.
Took a Leap Perla Took a Leap Fionbharr 12/8/17 5/2/17 Doelings: $300 (breeder to retain one); no bucklings.
We recently learned that Perla's sister, Miraflores, earned her dairy star, SG genetics designation, and Elite Doe status as a first freshener, so we're expecting great things from Perla as she freshens.
Sugar Moon Dulcinea Took a Leap Radar 12/15/16 5/9/17 Doelings: $450; no bucklings.
Dulci has done great things for our farm -- she produces gorgeous kids and makes lots of milk.
Took a Leap Pura Vida Took a Leap Radar 12/15/16 5/9/17 Doelings: $450 (breeder to retain one); no bucklings.
The other big surprise of 2016, Pura Vida pumped it out on the milk stand. We're excited to see her second freshening performance...and her kids with Radar, who brings amazing dairy genetics to the breeding.
Old Mountain Farm Tasha Tudor Sugar Moon V Waldo Pepper 1/25/17 6/19/17 Doelings: $600 (breeder to retain one); bucklings $500.
Tasha is a phenomenal doe -- she scored an E90 as a 4 year-old on her 2015 linear appraisal, and she's pumping out milk like no one's business.
Sugar Moon Fiala Sugar Moon Uwanami 1/25/17 6/19/17 Doelings: $500 (breeder to retain one); bucklings: $400.
What a performance Fiala put in in her first two freshenings! No surprise, given that Fiala's got top-notch genetics behind her -- in 2013, her dam, NC PromisedLand SIA Zena (LA 2012 VEEE90) milked 296 days on test with a total production of 1189 pounds.
Took a Leap Zoraida Sugar Moon V Waldo Pepper 1/26/17 6/20/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.
First freshener.
Sugar Moon BL Candy Crush Sugar Moon Uwanami 1/26/17 6/20/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.

Very happy to have added Crusher, with Chenango Hills in her pedigree, to our herd...eager to see how this little miss performs!

Took a Leap Violet Strange Ludwig Bemelmans 2/15/17 7/15/17 Doelings: $300; no bucklings.

Excited to see what Violet does as a first freshener -- she's the first doeling we've had out of Sugar Moon Trixie Belden, one of our foundation does.

Sugar Moon Whiskey Ludwig Bemelmans 2/20/17 7/20/17 Doelings: $500 (breeder to retain one); bucklings $350.

Whiskey was phenomenal as a first freshener last year -- no surprise given her pedigree (NC PromisedLand Echo and Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas).